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Gemma Latimer

Gemma is an artist and psychotherapist living in Glasgow. Her artwork focuses on themes of deconstruction and reconstruction, a process which crosses over to her psychotherapy practise; understanding structures and conditioning, disolving what no longer serves and choicefully connecting to truth by reconfiguring parts of self.

Her practise serves as a vessel of transformation for unconscious or challenging themes, creating understandable language for her to better understand of her inner world, body and psyche. Working mainly through collage and mixed media, Gemma enjoys the tangeability of creating artwork by hand, only digitalising at final stages.

Clients include Radio Times, Ted Baker, Bafta, Marie Claire, The Times, Classic FM and The Irish Times, amongst others. She has worked as a Visiting Illustration Lecturer at Goldsmiths University, London since 2009 and is author of internationally selling, The Wallpaper Colouring Book.

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